The Making: Barney and Friends Cake

Okay I must admit something here. I totally suck at making figurines. If you have seen the awesome figurine work that my sifu has done, you'll look at mine and go "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" I mean really.
Anyway, here it goes. Please hold your laughter until after I finish this post. Thanks ;P
So first you gonna prepare your colours. In the case of Barney and friends, purple, yellow and green.
Okay shaping the dinosaur's head was tricky. It's hard to describe but basically just make a round shape and make the top part of the head narrower than the bottom.
I really took a long time to get the head just right.
So here are the 3 friends before the facial details....

and after!
..and then with the extremities attached..I should have put more CMC in my yellow dinosaur because the fondant started to droop and he ended up being a fatso. :(
I wanted an art deco look to the whole cake so I painted on some whimsical colours unto the board and let it dry.

Finally I arranged the heavy figurines on top of the cake.
I then stuck on the birthday boy's name at the front side.
Added little details like a car and a cap..
..balloons, baseball bat and baseball..
A T-shirt and a shoe...all boyish themes :)

Finally, I stuck some wire on some colourful cut outs of balloons of fondant and poked it into the cake for that party feel :) And yes..yes.. yellow dino looks even more tubbier in the was so heavy it nearly fell off the cake. Perhaps I should have made the figurines a teeny bit smaller..oh well I learn more with each cake..Birthday boy loved them though! can stop laughing at my dino now..Till the next post folks!

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