The Making: Harley Davidson Dude Cake

Vroom Vrooomm! Harley Bike enthusiasts will love this one. So here it goes!
First I made the torso, the bod of the bike and the tires. 

Here you see the handle bars set to dry. Yup I use anything that lies around the house to get the shape that I want. In this case I used a clean mug.
Here's the bike after painting it with some silver.

Meanwhile, I made the facial features of the lucky birthday guy.

Then I attached his extremities.
...gave him a good ol' thumbs up!

Next up, the logo. I printed it out and did the pin prick method to mark it on fondant and cut them out.

Here you see the logo done.
It looked great on black fondant.
Next up, the fire trails around the cake,
Here I sprayed the yellow fondant with orange mist from Wilton to give a flame-y look.
Then attached it to the side of the cake.

Finalised all the painting details for the bike.

Cut out the message.
Side view.
Another look at the handsome star of the cake..

Yay done!!

Showcase : Kaamatan Cupcakes

Hi! A lot of you may not know this but I come from a Borneon heritage. I am Kadazan mixed with Iban. This project was very close to my heart as it represented my race and traditions. These cupcakes were for a Kaamatan event for friends here in KL. Kaamatan is a traditional celebration of Kadazans in Sabah to celebrate the rice harvest. What you see here is the representation of all things Kaamatan from the paddy harvest, gong,annual beauty queen Unduk Ngadau , musical instrument the sompoton, bamboo for dancing, the head gear "sigah", traditional ladies costume, siopon for rice wine and of course Mount Kinabalu, our pride and joy. Basically I'm just showcasing how I did the cupcake toppers.

Here are the cupcakes packed beautifully ready to be sold. 
This was the venue : S'Mores Bangsar. Yummy food here!
Here are my cupcakes!! So proud of this one!

The Making : Triathlon Cake with gum paste bicycle

Hi! I love making cakes that are beautiful but I love it even more when I get to make cakes that are not only cute but also challenging. The 'challenge' in this cake is of course the bicycle you see here. So here's how I did it. :)
First I found a nice pic or drawing of the bike that my client wanted. It was a replica of her boyfriend's bike. Apparently he is quite the sportsman and was and active triathlete. Here I shaped the flower wires in a circle to resemble the tyres on the bike. Then I wrapped black coloured gum paste around them.
Here I made the handlebars.

Using wire cutters, I cut the wires to form the spindles on the bike tyres.

Here, I just pieced the gum paste bike parts together using the pic as a guide.

The tricky part was getting them to stick together without having it falling apart and trust me it did that A LOT!

After that I painted on the details and left in leaning on a container to set and dry.

The client also wanted the exact helmet that her boyfriend had.
Here you see it coloured and detailed.

Next up was also a client's request and she wanted his jogging shoes as well. Here I show how I did it step by step.
Next up were the goggles and speedos to represent the swimming. I thought the speedos added a touch of funny actually. Very cute!
Birthday message and triathlon symbols fondant cut outs.

Runner. All that he loves!
Here's how I made the bushes and "road".

I used the cobblestone imprint mat to create an area where the bike would "park" by leaning on the cake.
Final look at the completed bike.

Overall view.
This was sent by my client after presenting the cake to her boyfriend. 
The happiness on his face really made all my efforts worth it and you can't beat that feeling! Thanks for reading :)