The Making : Hello Kitty Cake

Miaow!! Hello Kitty! I've finally been commissioned to make this all time favourite cartoon character for a very lucky 3 year old girl named Isabelle.
As usual, I prepared the board. To make it extra special I added on some pink edible glitter on it.

The cake flavour was not on my cake list but it was a macadamia nut cake with raspberry jam filling and covered with white chocolate ganache...yumm..I wish I had a chance to see it once it was cut.

Client wanted a bow around the bottom so that's exactly what I did.
Then the birthday girl's name. I like that they only put her name down instead of the whole Happy Birthday.. message. I mean it seems logical that toddlers only recognise how the cake looks most of the time and not quite anything that's written on it.
Then I attached the yellow button nose and the pink bow.
The pink bow was kinda tricky. I had to follow the cartoon exactly as the client didn't want an actual 'bow' bow on the head. So I made it as close as possible to the character's bow and added some glitter to the middle to tie in with the glitter on the board.
Okay I had some problems with my air brush machine today so I opted for the Wilton's Color Mist food color spray in pearl white. Worked the same and never dissapoints :)
The I cut out the eyes and whiskers with black chocolate fondant.
Added two tiny flowers flanking the birthday girl's name and I was done.
View from the front side. It was quite a thick cake at about 4 inches high. I baked three layers and 3 separate times in the Hello Kitty cake pan.
A closer look at the name with flowers.
There you have it...a Hello Kitty cake! Okay..bye-bye for now Kitty....:)

Showcase: Simple butterfly and flower design on cake

Another simple post..This was an order which was passed down to me from another baker/decorator friend of mine. It was a garden themed cake with simple flowers and butterflies. This is what is called a cake with 2D deco. 2D meaning that the fondant cut outs are attached flat on the cake.
Here's the cake before it was decorated. It was a coconut cake with coconut mousse filling as requested by the client.

8 year olds love butterflies...
Different angles..

Top of cake embossed by patchwork cutters

Finally, purple gumpaste butterflies were attached to the top of the cake. Colors were all requested by the client..suits a little girl's taste..pretty and sweet!

Showcase: Cheeky Hen's Nite cupcakes

Hi all! Today we are gonna get a little frisky. Children please look at some other entry. This ain't for you pups. You'd probably wouldn't get it anyway..haha.. Adults...behold! 

Above: Lovely cuppies baking away!
Red velvet moist cupcakes ready to be decorated.
I always do cupcakes fondant deco waaayyy before I bake. I only bake the cupcakes fresh on the day before that is supposed to be picked up as cupcakes don't last too long.
I won't describe too much on the details. I think it's pretty self explanatory. heheh. Some a bit too graphic perhaps...LOL!
I had fun making these. Definitely had a chuckle or two and tried to imagine the faces of the ladies who were going to eat them ;D. I hope they had fun and a good laugh too!

Showcase : Manchester United Shirt Cake

Hi all! Another short entry. I wish I had taken more pics of the steps but I was quite rushed due to frequent calls. If there's one thing that's very important for clients to remember, is that you must TRUST me. I'm not gonna run away with your cake. I don't even want to be stuck with a cake I don't want. When I do work, I need peace and quiet. I'm an artist (aisehh..) and cannot be rushed. ;P 

Cute message.
This happens often in my line of work. Although, I do understand that when clients order online,there are risks. You don't know me, I sure as hell don't know you, right? hehe.  It's easy to feel panicky when I don't answer your calls. (that's why I ask you to message or email only). I mean, it's hard picking up the phone when your hands are so busy. Don't worry, I'm not mad. I just hope that future clients will understand. I'll probably write a post about what actually happens from when you start to order to the description of the time frame on how a cake is done to delivery or pick up. It's all about learning what I do really.

Front view.
Yup.. an original design made by the lady who ordered it for this lucky guy you see below! :)

He looks happy.. What a lovely surprise gift..:)

Mashimaro Cupcakes

Hi all, this is a simple entry on how I did the Mashimaro cupcakes. I really don't have much time to write on my blog nowadays since I'm quite occupied with orders but I do try when I can :)

So here the fondant message and tiny flowers are cut out and dried first.

Then the figurines are shaped and dried.

Here you can see one figurine with a dog cap..
One with an egg...
One with a plunger stuck on his head..(I don't know why??)

And a sweet one with a pink flower..
That's it..short and simple but oh so cute!