The Making: 2 Tier Garden Themed Wedding Cake

Garden weddings are sweet and lovely. Same goes for this cake. The red roses however , gave a nice pop of color to an otherwise mellow cake.
I made two sizes of posies. I just used rose cutters and cut some rolled gum paste with large, medium and small sized cutters.After that, I frilled up the edges using a ball tool, let them dry on its own and the once dry, stacked them on top of each consequent size using royal icing..
This were the small flowers with medium and small rose cutters and a smaller petal in the middle.

I put some royal icing on the back of the flower and stuck them on the cake starting from the bottom and letting them dry first. Once dry it will be steady enough to support the flowers being glued on the top part of the cake.

This is how it looked like once all the flowers were glued on. I think there were more than 80 of them to cover an 8 inch cake.
I realised the flowers were looking a bit too I decided to brush on some gold dust in the middle of each flower to give it some depth and colour.
I dabbed on some gold dust and lightly spread the colour from inner to outwards using gentle strokes.
For the red rose bouquet on top of the cake, I used a hydrangea cutter to produce little flowers on wires to act as fillers.
This is how it looked like from the top.
Close up of the roses. So loooovelyyy...
This is how it looked like after airbrushing some pearl sheen..So there you have it, a garden themed 2 tier wedding cake.Simple and oh-so-flowery..hope you enjoyed your read :))

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