The making of : Chelsea Soccer cake

Today I'm gonna write about the soccer cake I made for my friend Jeff's birthday.I was commisioned by girlfriend Yoyie to bake and decorate a cake that depicted his favourite team The Chelsea Football Club.
The chocolate guinness cake was baked and crumbcoated and then soccer part covered with fondant. I used the Wilton soccer pan to bake the cake.
This is how I traced the logo. I used the pin method in which I meticulously poked the fondant with a small pin through the logo that I copied.
This is how the fondant template looked like after poking.
Then comes my favourite part. The painting. I mixed the gel paste colours with a little bit of clear vanilla essence and painted on the colours unto the fondant.
I realised the blue was a bit dark so I lightened it with some white color to create a lighter blue.
I finished off the shading and the finer details
I added some buttercream grass and the football field look was coming to life!
I painted on the birthday boy's name and age on a cute blue shirt I cut out on fondant..hehe

Tadaaa!!! Chelsea soccer cake done and ready to serve! Hope you enjoyed this. If you wanna see more, you can read about the rainbow cake I made for my daughter's first birthday in my next post!


  1. This looks absolutely amazing! I have been looking for a Chelsea soccer cake tutorial and this is perfect! Hope you could give a few more tips - did you paint the black part or was that made out of black fondant? Also, did you make the red circles on the chelsea logo out of fondant? Grateful for any advice/tips you can give!

  2. Thanks Heidi! I'm glad this post helped.:)The black part is painted black and yes the red circles are made of red fondant and painted over again with red and white to create the logo. Make sure you let each coat of paint dry first before continuing painting on top of the other colours especially the white writing on top. This is so that the colours won't bleed or get absorbed into the other colours. Good luck! :)

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