How to order

Please pay attention, and I say this  in the nicest, non-bitter but firmest way possible. Only serious orders will be entertained. 
Enquiries are welcome and you may ask for a quote  eg. You may ask, "how much for a so and so cake with so and so design?" 
but please don't say that you want to order and then when I get back to you, you disappear from radar. Tsk..tsk..big no no.
If you do so (and shame on you if you did), you will be labelled as a backout buyer and name will be blacklisted and then put on my blog. Please respect my time and effort in catering to your needs. Even if you do place an order, it is okay to TELL ME that you want to cancel PRIOR to confirmation of the order. 

I won't kill you.
(but perhaps in my dreams.....I'm JOh-king..geez..).

That will give me a chance to open up to other orders as I have a certain quota of orders per week.
 Love you and thank you.

To order please fill in this form
Email Address:
What type of cake are you wanting to order? custom made celebration cake
custom made cupcakes
custom made cake with cupcakes
cake with no decoration
tiered wedding cake
tiered wedding cake with cupcakes
When is the time and date of the event?
How many guests are you going to serve?
What is your budget?
What design are you interested in? eg.doll cake, angry birds, etc
Do you want me to research some designs for you? Yes
No, I have some samples for you to follow
What flavour of cake are you interested in? Chocolate Moist Cake with chocolate ganache
Coconut cake
Expresso mocha cake
Devil's food cake with chocolate orange buttercream
Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting
White chocolate banana cake
Persian lemon cake
Tropical Carrot Cake with Coconut cream cheese frosting
Plain carrot cake
Walnut Butter cake
Tiramisu Cake
Vanilla Butter cake with raspberry filling
Marble cake with chocolate glaze frosting
Rainbow cake with Swiss Meringue buttercream
butter cake
chocolate cake
Others please specify
What do you want as frosting? Fondant
Buttercream American/Swiss only
Cream cheese only
Chocolate ganache only
Others please specify below
What do you want as filling? Swiss meringue buttercream/American buttercream
cream cheese (usually with carrot cake and red velvet cake)
chocolate ganache
Others please specify below
What are you expecting from your cake texture? Light/fluffy
What level of sweetness? very sweet
less sweet
How do you want to pick up your cake?
Do you want me to provide a written quotation? Yes
Any additional details?

Create a web form here
or for enquiries please contact May:

Email me at leave a message and number so I may return your call to discuss your order or enquiries. I prefer email because I will have the details of the order documented. I will usually check my mail at noon and at night and will take time to answer each and every email esp when it involves research on cake designs. If I don't answer straight away, please be reminded that I'm a work at home mom and has a family to take care of too so patience is a virtue. I will get back to you latest by the next day :)

Please be advised that if you have a certain budget, inform me so that I could give you an example of a design which caters to your budget. If not, I will quote according to what is wanted. Please read this and this to have a better understanding on what I do and some cake definitions here :) 

We accept cake orders preferably a week to latest 3 days before event and at least one month before for large orders or wedding cakes.

A 50% deposit is needed for ALL orders or you may pay in full to secure your order slot.

Self pick up

* delivery around Klang Valley available upon request with additional charge and subject to availability.