The Making: Harley Davidson Dude Cake

Vroom Vrooomm! Harley Bike enthusiasts will love this one. So here it goes!
First I made the torso, the bod of the bike and the tires. 

Here you see the handle bars set to dry. Yup I use anything that lies around the house to get the shape that I want. In this case I used a clean mug.
Here's the bike after painting it with some silver.

Meanwhile, I made the facial features of the lucky birthday guy.

Then I attached his extremities.
...gave him a good ol' thumbs up!

Next up, the logo. I printed it out and did the pin prick method to mark it on fondant and cut them out.

Here you see the logo done.
It looked great on black fondant.
Next up, the fire trails around the cake,
Here I sprayed the yellow fondant with orange mist from Wilton to give a flame-y look.
Then attached it to the side of the cake.

Finalised all the painting details for the bike.

Cut out the message.
Side view.
Another look at the handsome star of the cake..

Yay done!!

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  1. what template did you use for the flames? CAN YOU SEND IT TO