The Making: Aeroplane on top of the World cake

This was one of the more complicated cakes that I've done. It looks simple but a lot of planning and brain squeezing went into decorating this cake. At first I thought," Can I do this??" I never refuse a challenge so I went ahead with it hoping for the best. Yeah you could say I'm crazy. LOL!
Well first I had to make the body of the plane. I had to make it waaaaay in advance in order for it to stiffen and dry well enough to support the wings. I stuck in a wooden rod in the middle of the plane to maintain it's shape.
Once dry, I put the wings on top. The wings were made of plastic corrugated material covered with fondant. If it was made entirely with fondant, the wings would have ended up being too heavy to be put on top of the body of the plane. Same goes for the tail. I didn't want to have droopy looking wings in the end. The wings were held up with a lot of gumpaste glue and royal icing.

After drying completely for a few days, I painted on the details. The name painted on here is of the lucky birthday cake recipient. Colours were all custom ordered by the the client.
Next up, the world! Okay I could have made a round ball like a globe shape but yeah that would have been a 3 D cake and would have ended up costing more for the client because of the carving work. This shape would have been better for the plane as I needed to keep the plane flat and steady on the cake.
I then attached some clouds, the birthday message and was done!

Top view of the cake. It really does look like the aeroplane is flying right? Proud of this one because I didn't think I could actually construct a plane. But I did it! Top that boys!! 

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