Showcase: Shopping Bag cake and Bride and Groom royal iced Cookies

Custom made cakes are getting more and more popular with young couples getting engaged nowadays. In this post, I made a shopping bag cake like the one belonging to Tiffany & Co, complete with stuffed tissues and ring box and bride and groom butter cookies. The only difference is that the name on the bag was changed to the future bride's name so that was cute :) Since the order was a changed to an earlier date, I had to rush to stick on the side panels which was supposed to have one more night to dry to a stiff flat panel so I ended up having a less than smooth surface. That irked me a little bit because I always like to get my designs perfect. Client loved it in the end though! Oh well..things like this can't be avoided and that is one of the challenges of having the custom made cake made on time. We all just have to remind ourselves that it's just cake in the end! (but to me, it's NEVER just cake ;)

What I'd really like to feature in this post are the royal iced butter cookies. My client suggested it and I thought it was a really cute idea. Well first off I made butter cookie dough and rolled it flat after letting it set in the fridge for an hour. Then I took the dress cutter and cut out the shapes ready for baking. After that, I made pure white royal icing and thinned it to a runny consistency, piped the border around the edges and covered the cookie with it once baked and cooled.

After letting it dry for a bit, I iced on the details.
Even down to the Tiffany blue bow..
I did the same with the groom cutters except I iced them with black icing.
This is the view of the cake from the top. You must be wondering how I did the tissues. Well I basically cut out little thin squares of fondant, crumpled them up and let it dry for a bit before arranging them on top of the cake.
So there you have it, a refreshing idea for an engagement cake!! I wish the ring was real though!

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