Wilton Cake Decorating Course 3 : Gum Paste and Fondant Class 3 and Completion!

 Hello again! Well I finally have a bit of time to post about my final two classes on this Wilton cake decorating journey and this is my graduation cake. Truly the pinkest cake I've ever decorated!
 In these last two sessions we learned so many things, like how to cover the board with fondant...
Aaaanddd....How to cover the CAKE with fondant..
 Look at all my hardworking fellow course mates kneading away...my neighbour Sabrina refuses to look at the camera cos she's so into her kneading...lol! Some say it's good exercise for the arms..some even say can 'enhance' their 'bosoms' shall we say...haha!
As I said in my previous post, the bows that I had already assembled got all floppy and some of the loops broke so I had to make a new one.Me likey the polkadots on the new one :)
Aaand this is how it looked like once put on the cake.. 
 This is just a showcase of the gum paste flowers that we learned in this course. The daisy, roses, mums or chrysanthemums, carnation and the calla lily. Pretty ain't it?
We also learned many types of borders. Ball borders, ruffles and plenty of other techniques such as inlays and outlays as shown on these other beautiful masterpieces by my coursemates.

 I'd say they are such a creative bunch of people!
 A nice pic of me receiving my final cert from our lovely and patient instructor Ms. Angeline Stanley.
 A slightly tired looking me holding up my cake proudly!
 Sigh..it looked even nicer when airbrushed with some pearl shimmer..I have to invest in one of those one day..awesome stuff!

I didn't actually take a group photo but this was the one taken by Angeline. I'm actually going to miss all the fun and laughter from this group.Truly a wonderful memory that I can share with my kids one day. It's only just the beginning but at least it's a start. Actually there are plenty more to learn and I hope I can share more of my journey as I intend to go and learn different techniques perhaps from individuals who are experienced in cake decorating. As for now, I am content and happily taking orders. This will give me the chance to hone my skills and gain more experience first before moving up to the next level. All in all, besides sewing (which I still love!) cake decorating gave me an outlet to show my creative side and eat my cake too! Next post? The making of my Chelsea soccer cake and my daughter's one year old rainbow birthday cake!..coming soon!

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