Cake Prices

Home May'de Specialty Cakes with fillings and frosting  (Standard size-8 inch by 4 inch high -round/square)(without decoration or just a simple written message) Prices

1. Chocolate moist Cake with chocolate ganache

Rm 95
Description: A very moist chocolatey layered cake (almost like mud cake) filled with smooth melt in your mouth chocolate ganache. One of our popular ones.

2. Coconut cake
Description: Coconut layered cake infused with coconut milk and dessicated coconut flakes. Filled with coconut flavoured buttercream filling. You can't get more coconutty than that.

Rm 90

3. Espresso mocha cake
Description: For mocha lovers, a light and more coffee rather than chocolate layered cake. Filled with a coffee or almond flavoured butter cream. 

Rm 95

4. Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
Description: Another popular one. A deep red velvety moist layered cake filled with Philadelphia cream cheese filling.

Rm 120

5. Banana-rama cake
Description: It's the all favourite banana layered cake with white chocolate ganache frosting.(or cream cheese or buttercream..your choice)
     *   white chocolate ganache frostingRm120
     *   with buttercream frostingRm 100

6. Tropical Carrot Cake with Coconut cream cheese frosting

     *   Special with macadamia nuts, pineapple and coconut
Description: A wonderful taste of the tropics especially when you combine it with the pineapple and coconut ingredients. Very moist, crumbly and almost like fruit cake..perfect for wedding cake. Full of textures when eaten.

Rm 130
     *   Plain carrot cake
Description: Nothing plain about this one. Flavour and crumbly texture just as beautiful but just without the nuts and pineapple. Just the good ol' traditional carrot cake with yummy Philadelphia cream cheese filling.
Rm 95

7. Walnut Butter cake

     *   with chocolate chip
Description: If you like the rich butter taste combined with the crunch of toasted walnuts, then this is the cake for you. You don't just get an few bits here and there, you get a layered cake compact with walnut and filled with vanilla buttercream. Chocolate chips added make a chocolatey surprise on the taste buds every now and then. Another popular choice.
Rm 100

8. Tiramisu Cake
     *   (Non-alcoholic) Rm 98
 Description: A favourite to those with a love for the famous tiramisu but just in the form of sponge cake layers infused with coffee and filled with cream cheese/mascarpone(extra charge) topped with grated chocolate and fenced by beautiful lady finger biscuits.

9. Vanilla Butter cake with raspberry/blueberry fillings
     *   Cream cheese frostingRm 100
     *   Buttercream frosting
Description: The classic vanilla flavoured buttercake. Perfect for children's birthday cakes as it's not overtly sweet. 
Rm 95

10. Marble cake with chocolate glaze frosting
Description: Another classic. Tired of butter cake or chocolate cake? Have the best of both worlds with the marble cake.Yummy and pretty to look at.

Rm 80

11. Rainbow or Ombre cake with Swiss Meringue buttercream (6 layers)                                                                                                            
       Base price Rm 220 ( just buttercream)/ Rm 280 (fondant-simple deco)

Description: Why have 1 colour when you can have 6? The real rainbow has 7 but indigo doesn't count in cakes ;) or have an ombre cake with a graduation of shades in your favourite colour. These a just vanilla cakes coloured to your desire. If you don't like the gritty, sweet American type buttercream, you can have the silky smooth buttery Swiss meringue that is harder to make but less sweet.

Price adjusted for heavier cakes.

Cakes without frosting  (9 inch 2 layers)

Butter cake/marble chocolate

Rm 50
Normal light Chocolate cake Rm 55

Custom made novelty cakes for birthdays and other celebrations

All of the flavours above with buttercream filling above except for Tiramisu (Please be reminded that these prices are a starting price and the minimum depending on design and size of cake-the prices below starts from a 6 inch round by 4 inch high cake and its equivalent with basic deco like borders and simple fondant cutouts eg. tiny flowers)
   Plain design round (borders &simple fondant cutouts) 
     6 inches:
     *   2 D design with Buttercream frosting

Rm 150
     *   2 D design with Fondant Rm 200 

     8 inches:
      *2 D design with Buttercream frostingRm 250
     *  2 D design with Fondant                                                                          Rm 300                                                                                                                                                     10 inches:
      *2D with buttercream frosting                                                                 Rm 300
  *2D with fondant                                                                                              Rm 350                                                                                                                                              
Extra charge for more elaborate fondant design or more tiers( eg. bigger flowers, specialized carving, bows, edible printed sugar paper,figurines etc.)

Specialized Carved 3D Cakes (Horizontal on cake board but shaped like a character eg.barney cake or upright on cake board eg. ball cake)

Buttercream covered cakes start from Rm 280

Fondant covered cakes start from Rm 330


16 pieces cupcakes (2.5" top diameter) minimum order

Rm 4 each for buttercream frosting 
Rm 5 for each cream cheese frosting
Rm 6 each for fondant (basic 2D design)

Extra charge for more elaborate fondant design or more tiers( eg. flowers, specialized carving, bows, edible printed sugar paper,figurines etc.)

Mini cupcakes

All of the flavours above with buttercream frosting except for tiramisu.
Minimum order 25 pieces.

mini cupcakes (1.6 inch diameter) are at 

Rm 3 each for buttercream frosting
Rm 4 each for cream cheese frosting
Rm 5 for fondant simple design.

Extra charge for more elaborate fondant design or more tiers( eg. flowers, specialized carving, bows, edible printed sugar paper,figurines etc.)

Wedding Cake and tiered birthday cakes

Butter/chocolate/butter walnut flavors with buttercream filling (Inclusive of basic design : meaning just the minimum frosting/fondant and borders-no deco)
Starting from
     *   2 tiered round buttercream frosting(6' 8' inch layer ) Rm 400
     *   3 tiered round buttercream frosting(6' 8' 10' inch layer cake) Rm 700
     *   2 tiered round with fondant (basic design)(6' 8' inch layer )

Rm 500
     *   3 tiered round with fondant (basic design)
          (6' 8' 10' inch layer cake)
Rm 900

Wedding cupcakes start from Rm 6 a piece ( buttercream) and Rm 10 (fondant).

Please note that the prices above serve as a guideline only.The real prices might differ according to what is required by clients.

Extra charge for more elaborate fondant design or more tiers( eg. flowers, specialized carving, bows, edible printed sugar paper,figurines etc.)

Extra charge for carrot cakes, fruit cakes, red velvet cakes and cakes with cream cheese/blueberry/raspberry fillings.
 Note : Cream cheese usually does not fare well under fondant, it is better to have the cakes coated with buttercream. You could however have cream cheese filling only.

Home May'de Cakes can also produce a combination of dummy cakes with the desired design.

Home May'de Cakes reserve the right to change the prices if deemed necessary.