The Making: 21st birthday Key Cake

Yeeppeedeedoodah! Today I will be writing about a key cake.Simple but meaningful. In the olden days it used to mean that at 21 you are old enough to hold the key to your parents' house. Although the legal age of adulthood nowadays is 18, the older tradition is still practised today. What a better way to celebrate it than to give it in the form of a cake right?
Figurines oh I said in my earlier posts..not my strongest skill but I will continue to improve myself. Like everything in life, it takes practice. Spaghetti sticks..yeah you need em' for figurines. Just like skeletons, they act as a supportive system for your little sugar people.
Facial features, shoes and down to the tiny white buttons were done.
The hair strands were glued on to the head one by one and then the magical number 21 unto the shirt :)
How did I do the cake? Nope there was no special key shaped pan for this one. I had to bake two separate cakes, a round one and a square one at 2 inches high. I then carved the square cake like so and laid both cakes side by side to resemble a key and then crumb coated it with buttercream.
Originally, the client wanted to order a 3D car resembling a red Toyota Vios but like I said 3D cakes can be quite pricey so they decided to order the key cake instead. Later on, I decided to incorporate the Toyota logo unto the keyhead. I hope they noticed that hehe
The attention to detail like painting silver on the tiny buttons, is what makes custom made cakes a work of passion.

Even down to the tiny key that the guy figurine holds..

You can't see it in this pic but I airbrushed some pearl sheen and got some star fondant cut outs stuck on some wire ready to be presented unto the cake. My conclusion for this cake is that, you don't have to make a fancy, super expensive custom made cake to make it special (though there's nothing wrong with that!). Sometimes a simple meaningful one is worth more than the price itself...:))

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