The Making: ABC Blocks Birthday Cake

Heya folks! Today I'm gonna write about the making of a colourful bunch of ABC blocks cake. 
First I got a print out of the desired ABC font that I wanted. Hubby was really helpful with this..I'm so lucky to have a husband who is an expert in all things IT.

Next I used the pin prick method to trace out all the letters one by one unto the roll out fondant.

This is how it looked like once done. Then I cut them out one by one.
Besides the letters, I also made colourful cut outs on balls.., apples, bananas...and cute green froggies too  :) All these were made a few days in advance.
Next I made the cake. I baked a 9 inch cake at two inches high, FOUR times to produce 8 blocks of the perfect square of 4' by 4"cakes. I then filled and covered these butter walnut cakes with buttercream and let it set in the fridge for a few hours.
Once covered one by one in fondant, I brushed on some gum paste glue on to the edges ready to stick on the fondant cut out borders.
I just went and cut them out it by feel. Once I stuck it on the cake , I just stretched it out accordingly to fit.
Then I stuck on the letters and the cut out pictures.

I also baked an extra cake with the same ABC theme. Here I demonstrate how to use the crimper to create a pattern on the edges of the fondant cake.

I also made colourful ABC themed cookie pops :)
Here's a look of the extra cake once done.
The back view of the cake blocks.

The lovely client requested that her son's name ABNER be arranged to be seen on the blocks. I think it's a really great way to remember your's child's first birthday...colourful, fun and educational! Thanks for reading!

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