The Making : Hello Kitty Cake

Miaow!! Hello Kitty! I've finally been commissioned to make this all time favourite cartoon character for a very lucky 3 year old girl named Isabelle.
As usual, I prepared the board. To make it extra special I added on some pink edible glitter on it.

The cake flavour was not on my cake list but it was a macadamia nut cake with raspberry jam filling and covered with white chocolate ganache...yumm..I wish I had a chance to see it once it was cut.

Client wanted a bow around the bottom so that's exactly what I did.
Then the birthday girl's name. I like that they only put her name down instead of the whole Happy Birthday.. message. I mean it seems logical that toddlers only recognise how the cake looks most of the time and not quite anything that's written on it.
Then I attached the yellow button nose and the pink bow.
The pink bow was kinda tricky. I had to follow the cartoon exactly as the client didn't want an actual 'bow' bow on the head. So I made it as close as possible to the character's bow and added some glitter to the middle to tie in with the glitter on the board.
Okay I had some problems with my air brush machine today so I opted for the Wilton's Color Mist food color spray in pearl white. Worked the same and never dissapoints :)
The I cut out the eyes and whiskers with black chocolate fondant.
Added two tiny flowers flanking the birthday girl's name and I was done.
View from the front side. It was quite a thick cake at about 4 inches high. I baked three layers and 3 separate times in the Hello Kitty cake pan.
A closer look at the name with flowers.
There you have it...a Hello Kitty cake! Okay..bye-bye for now Kitty....:)

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