Showcase : Manchester United Shirt Cake

Hi all! Another short entry. I wish I had taken more pics of the steps but I was quite rushed due to frequent calls. If there's one thing that's very important for clients to remember, is that you must TRUST me. I'm not gonna run away with your cake. I don't even want to be stuck with a cake I don't want. When I do work, I need peace and quiet. I'm an artist (aisehh..) and cannot be rushed. ;P 

Cute message.
This happens often in my line of work. Although, I do understand that when clients order online,there are risks. You don't know me, I sure as hell don't know you, right? hehe.  It's easy to feel panicky when I don't answer your calls. (that's why I ask you to message or email only). I mean, it's hard picking up the phone when your hands are so busy. Don't worry, I'm not mad. I just hope that future clients will understand. I'll probably write a post about what actually happens from when you start to order to the description of the time frame on how a cake is done to delivery or pick up. It's all about learning what I do really.

Front view.
Yup.. an original design made by the lady who ordered it for this lucky guy you see below! :)

He looks happy.. What a lovely surprise gift..:)

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