Showcase: Cheeky Hen's Nite cupcakes

Hi all! Today we are gonna get a little frisky. Children please look at some other entry. This ain't for you pups. You'd probably wouldn't get it anyway..haha.. Adults...behold! 

Above: Lovely cuppies baking away!
Red velvet moist cupcakes ready to be decorated.
I always do cupcakes fondant deco waaayyy before I bake. I only bake the cupcakes fresh on the day before that is supposed to be picked up as cupcakes don't last too long.
I won't describe too much on the details. I think it's pretty self explanatory. heheh. Some a bit too graphic perhaps...LOL!
I had fun making these. Definitely had a chuckle or two and tried to imagine the faces of the ladies who were going to eat them ;D. I hope they had fun and a good laugh too!

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