Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 : Lesson 4 and Graduation

I graduated the first course in the Wilton Method syllabus today.So yay for me!

This is my cake dedicated to my in-laws hehe. The cake was a white chocolate banana cake.

Some writing before all the placement of roses

My instructor Ms. Angeline Stanley handing over my cert. Weee!

Close-up of the golden paper

The excited graduating class taking pics

The fruits of our buttercream labour

I think this was the winner..her roses were perfect!

A lemony beauty

My neighbour Sabrina's gem

Other beauties

My friendly and hardworking classmates
Okay this was the last pic before the 'mishap'. Yeah my cake fell (Gasp!) but thank goodness it wasn't smashed to smitherines. Just fell on some files almost hitting the floor and dented on one side but my borders hancur :( Perhaps I should invest in a better cake caddy.
I managed to repair the cake once I reached home.Not as perfect as before but presentable and added more roses to hide the dent.Oh well, I will have to be much more careful next time. Course 1 was fun and even though the tasks were relatively simple, it truly was a challenge for me as it was not easy balancing my time between baby and prepping for class. I will probably start Wilton Method Cake Decorating Course 2 : Flowers and Cake Design in April. I bet that would be an even bigger challenge and loads of fun!

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  1. Yay!! We had graduated!! See u in Course neighbour!! :)