Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 : Lesson Two

Hello folks!! Just a quick overview on my second class at ICCA. As usual it's a balancing act whenever I do things other than mommy duties but I managed to bake a three layer yellow cake with chocolate ganache fillings a day before class.

So this is the cake I baked.
This is the cake after torting it.
Then I made chocolate ganache which is basically dark chocolate mixed with heated whipping cream which is then cooled.
Then you stack 'em together. The white stuff is the icing dam and the ganache filling is slathered inside the dam so that it doesn't spill out when you start stacking.

The remaining icing is then coloured teal which is a light blue tint. The cake is then iced with the help of tip #789. This is the most tedious part because getting the surface nice and smooth is the goal. I find it helps to heat the spatula with hot water and then once the frosting has crusted (meaning dry to the touch), smooth it over with parchment paper and like my instructor Angeline says 'sayang-sayang' the cake. :)

So this morning I went to class and we practiced icing with our star tips. It is harder than it looks as the constant pressure on the piping bag is quite taxing on the hands. I imagine it will be harder with a larger design. We also practiced writing with buttercream. It was a lot of fun despite my instructor telling us we all looked so serious doing it. I guess it showed our determination to master the skill haha!
Then we made a piping gel transfer on to the cake.The piping gel transfer technique is useful in copying a desired picture unto your cake. So this is how my cake looked like after that:
About nearly an hour after that, this is what I managed to decorate on my cake. I apologize for the scientifically incorrect potrayal of the rainbow. The writing skills still needs a bit more practice but it sure looked pretty to me. This cake is dedicated to my hubby and his upcoming birthday :)
Then it's momom time. Yumm..
So what did I find useful in this lesson? EVERYTHING! Valuable ones for me are probably how to ice the cake smoothly, piping gel technique and writing techniques. All in all I had fun and gave me more confidence in my cake decorating skills. I can't wait for the next lesson in which we are gonna decorate cupcakes instead. Wait for that in my upcoming blog!

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