Showcase : Kaamatan Cupcakes

Hi! A lot of you may not know this but I come from a Borneon heritage. I am Kadazan mixed with Iban. This project was very close to my heart as it represented my race and traditions. These cupcakes were for a Kaamatan event for friends here in KL. Kaamatan is a traditional celebration of Kadazans in Sabah to celebrate the rice harvest. What you see here is the representation of all things Kaamatan from the paddy harvest, gong,annual beauty queen Unduk Ngadau , musical instrument the sompoton, bamboo for dancing, the head gear "sigah", traditional ladies costume, siopon for rice wine and of course Mount Kinabalu, our pride and joy. Basically I'm just showcasing how I did the cupcake toppers.

Here are the cupcakes packed beautifully ready to be sold. 
This was the venue : S'Mores Bangsar. Yummy food here!
Here are my cupcakes!! So proud of this one!

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