The Making: Tweety Bird Cake

Hello there HMC fans! Aiseyyy..seriously I should get a name for you guys..what about cakerators or cake ninjas or cake-a-doodlers..aiya I'm rambling again. Let's get down to business and present to you the real reason why you came a visitin'! Today it's all about Tweety know the "I tawt I taw a putty tat" tweety bird...I know.. I know ..cuteness overload.
So here I am drawing out tweety's head freehand on a piece of wax paper on top of a red velvet round cake. I'm using a non-toxic edible ink pen to do this.
After that I just cut out the shape of the head and traced out the basic features of Tweety's face unto the wax paper.
Once again I laid the wax paper upon the yummy red velvet cake and carved out the shape of the head first by cutting downwards at a 90 degree angle.
Once the shape is carved out, I carved the top of the cake to give it a rounder cartoonish shape.
After carving a while, it was time to fill the cake with some cream cheese filling..yuuuhhh-uuuhmm!

Then got the top layer to sandwhich that decadent filling..

To create a 3D effect on the cake, I decided to use a large round cutter to create Tweety's cute lil' cheeks.
I carved the 'cheeks' more around the edges to I've it a more rounded look before attaching it on the head. At this point, I felt like a plastic surgeon constructing someone's face. bahaha
Next up was Tweety's tiny little body. Again I drew freehand using wax paper and a non-toxic edible ink pen.

I used the same technique to carve out the body as I did the head.
The after all that it was time to cover both the head and the body with bright yellow fondant.

While waiting for the fondant to set. I prepared the eyes and the message.

I did the eyes like so...using the layering of coloured fondant method. (Boy, I'm digging my orange painted nails!!)

This is how the head looked once covered and the eyes attached. Look at those puffy wuffy cheeks LOL!

Next his pouty orange beak..

And his little orange feet..
Then finally stuck on the name and funny message.

Side views
Closer look..

There you have a cute 3D  Tweety bird cake! I hope you guys liked this one. :))

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  1. Kids love the tweety bird character. So thanks for sharing the recipe with us, i will try to make it out. I usually order cakes online but this time i will make it own at my home.