The Making : Dooodolls Cupipi and Cupido cake

I swear each time I do cakes I learn about more things of whatever is out there in the world. For example the cake that I'm showcasing here is features characters that have captured quite a number of fans belonging to the Dooodolls franchise. Namely a Cupipi and Cupido Cake. This was specially commisioned from one sister to another (How very sweet! Literally..)
First off as always I started off with the figurines. I made two oval fondant ball and let it set. It was tricky getting the shape to be perfect so this took the longest to make.
Then I shaped out the legs and feet like so.

Skeletons are important in humans and figurines are the same. I used an uncooked spaghetti stick and some edible glue to construct the extremities.
Cupids have wings. So I made a pair each for Cupipi and Cupido.
Arms, eyes and big hearts attached.

Finally the wings.
While the figurines were setting ( it usually takes a day or two), I prepared the board and embossed it with a roly swirly design.

The cake was the yummy chocolate moist cake. I covered it with pink fondant and added the fondant lace borders. These borders were made using silicone moulds which you can pre-order here if interested.
I added on a ring of hearts around the cake.
Then got the message cut out and arranged on top of the cake.
Views from sides and on top.
Tested the figurines placement on the cake.
Next up, I needed to do 2D cut outs of fondant of the characters. First I traced out the character's profile on a piece of parchment paper. Then I traced it unto rolled fondant. I then cut the fondant along the tracing and then arranged their positions to how I wanted them to look like on the cake.
Patchwork cutters really saved my life on this project. The heart cutters were invaluable. I made so many of them and if I cut them out one by one by hand, I think I'd go crazy!
Next up, detailing. Here I'm using a pen with edible black ink.
This is how it looked like once done.

Here's how it looked like after being stuck on the cake.It wrinkled slightly after keeping it in the fridge and the fondant dried out a bit so wasn't too happy about that.Still looking adorable as ever though.

Finally I added on some fondant hearts on some wire and stuck it behind the figurines as a finishing touch. There you have it.. a Cupipi and Cupido birthday cake. I hope you get poked by Cupid's arrow after reading about this one! Love..Love Love..

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  1. Thank you , the cake is nice n the doll is really look alike . My frd n other family member oso say is nice n.cute.
    Thank you ^^
    Wwq de bday gal here..