The Making : Classic vintage stencilled cake

Hello everybody!  I am on a roll this month as cake orders are steadily coming in. Despite my busy-ness, I managed to bake my own birthday cake. It's not as sad as it sounds but I really wouldn't have it any other way! In this post, I will be featuring a stencilled vintage looking cake.

First of all the cake itself. I baked one of my favourites. Red velvet with cream cheese frosting. You may get the recipe here.
I rolled and coloured some lime green fondant. I chose that colour because it's my favourite colour.
Next I made some royal icing in a spreadable consistency. I then took out my stencil which I had purchased all the way from the US and I laid it on top of the cake. Next I used a spatula to spread the royal icing on top of the stencil. I left the royal icing to dry for a while. After which I peeled the stencil off to reveal the pattern. If you would like to pre-order some stencils, please email me..:)
In the mean time, I made a simple ruffe-ly flower out of fondant. I just cut out some fondant mixed gumpaste with a rose cutter and folded each petals to create the ruffle. It's very easy especially when you want to put an elegant touch to a cake but is pressed for time. Earlier, I wanted to attempt the peony but I really didn't have time to execute it so I settled with this one instead!
Brushed the flower with some petal dust...

Dotted the edges with some royal icing..
So there you have my simple stencilled birthday cake!
It brings me back in time really...
I poked a candle in! Yes..yes..I'm only a year old :P

Finally a slice of heaven..really the pic doesn't do it justice. That's all then folks.. Till the next cake!!

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